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Multiply your productivity with our PRO75 UV 385 nm. Build a full platform of 25-40 earpieces in under one hour.
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Digital fabrication of earmolds in small and professional laboratory operations. 

 Hearing Aids, In-Ear-Monitoring or hearing protections: Series production of digitally fabricated earmolds is now possible for every business case.

The Asiga 3D-Printers are cost-effective and highly procductive machines best suited for the manufacturing of soft earmolds in small and professional laboratory operations. Save your competitiveness and bring back production to your desk which had to be outsourced before.

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The Asiga Freeform PRO2 75 UV 385nm is a professional 3D-Printer 3DXS optimized for highly efficient direct manufacturing applications of soft and hard earmolds as well as hearing protections. It delivers high-resolution, unparalleled speed and reliability in longterm application, all in a desktop format suited for laboratory operations.

The Asiga Freeform PRO2 75 UV 385 nm excels at producing transparent earmoulds, castings and ITE-shells, it will minimize your failure risk and assure a continuous production.

Modern laboratory operations require not only leading technological solutions, but also low-maintenance and reduced wear-and-tear, resembled in low service costs.

Asiga Freeform PRO2 75 UV 385nm

23.999 €incl. Calibartion Kit

tough und reliable longterm workinghorse

running costs remain low

high precicion and ultra fast build time (33 mm in 1 hour!)

Open Material System

Image 1
The illustrated platform size offers space for 20 – 35 models, finished in around 1 hour, depending on the tallest obejct on the platform (~ 33 mm / hour). With our setup you can easily build between 100 – 200 models per day.
The 385 nm option allows for waterclear transparent ear moulds.

Image 2

With the Multilayer Add-On in the Cyfexsoftware labour-saving multi-layer prints can be produced, e.g. doubling or even tripling your output overnight.

Image 4

Shells can be printed in higher resolution, giving a smooth surface with little to no marks from supportstructures

Asiga Freeform PRO

 Open Material System

With Asiga’s precision material options and the option to use materials from third party manufacturers the Asiga FREEFORM PRO2 75 UV 385 nm is versatile and adaptive in this ever expanding industry. Choose from leading brands like: DETAX, DREVE, pro3dure

intelligent Slide and Separate™ Technology

Asiga’s proprietary intelligent Slide and Separate (iSAS™) technology breaks new ground with the Freeform PRO™, allowing a large build area whilst maintaining the lowest fabrication forces of any upside-down stereolithography system. The result is minimal support structures, high speed and reliable accuracy for demanding direct manufacturing applications.

The Asiga Freeform PRO2 75 UV has been modified to suit the needs of an audiology laboratory.
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Asiga Composer

ASIGA Composer

Each PRO system comes with a free package of Asiga Composer. Asiga Composer is an intuitive, automatic STL & SLC support and build preparation package. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

Every Asiga 3D-printer has an integrated webserver which admits full remote control via webbrowser.

Asiga Composer is fully compatible with all leading audiology softwares, e.g. from Cyfex and 3Shape.

Optimized for the hearing aid sector in cooperation with:


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